Wide-Area Notification by INDUSTRONIC – Introducing the Acoustic Siren Horn ASH 125

In one of our recent blog posts my colleague Georg Merkert compared high power sirens and standard horn speakers pointing out their advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested, please click on the following link: https://www.industronic-blog.com/high-power-sirens-vs-horn-loudspeakers/

With a sound pressure level of up to 136 dB, the ASH 125 acoustic siren horn is ideal for covering wide areas, e.g. an entire industrial plant or a large construction site. It can be deployed as classic siren for the output of tones, but also allows for the broadcasting of alarms, live voice announcements or pre-recorded texts with excellent speech intelligibility.

Designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements, the ASH 125 provides reliable protection against the ingress of dust and high-pressure water jets. This makes the acoustic siren horn the perfect product for a variety of outdoor applications.

The picture below displays all benefits of the ASH 125 at a glance:

All benefits at a glance

Our new brochure on wide-area notification will give you detailed information on the advanced technology behind our acoustic siren horn ASH 125, the various fields of application in different industries as well as installation and mounting options.










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