The network-capable Communication and Emergency Warning System from INDUSTRONIC

The INDUSTRONIC communication system protects people, machines, and the environment and ensures an effective, prioritized and customized flow of communication while delivering the functions and capabilities of three separate systems – intercom, public address and general alarm – in one.
Each INDUSTRONIC communication system provides numerous interfaces for system interconnection and connection of external communication and control systems.
The modular and flexible system design allows for solutions meeting any type of industrial communication requirements.

Public Address (PA)

Functions Datasheet
Group Call
Dynamic Group Call
All Call
Store & Forward
Repeat Last Message

Public Address & General Alarm (PA/GA)

Functions Datasheet
Mass notification
Live announcements or playback of stored alarm tones / texts (e.g. an evacuation alarm)
Prioritization of alarms
Emergency call function


Functions Datasheet
Direct Two-way Communication
Dynamic Two-way Communication
Handsfree Communication
Page & CallBack
Party Line
Parallel Group
Call Storage
Quick Dialing

Software & Interfaces

Functions Datasheet
DUSTRON – App for industrial communication
Config Manager for INTRON-X
Config Manager for INTRON-D plus
Interface to fire detection and gas alarm systems as well as to emergency shutdown systems (ESD)
SIP interfaces for the connection of IP telephone systems
Modbus TCP interface for communication with building management systems / fire detection and gas alarm systems
CANopen interface for communication with control room systems
SNMP interface for connection of a network management system
E-mail interface for forwarding of fault messages

Management / Monitoring

Functions Datasheet
Integrated management via web interface
permanent, automatic self-monitoring
Fault message processing
Automatic indication of fault messages and states
Event processing
Diagnostic functions
Voice recording
Redundancy concepts for highest availability

Control Room Functions

Functions Datasheet
Call Request Control
Switchboard Call
Elevator Emergency Call
Access Control at Doors, Gates and Barriers

Control Functions

Functions Datasheet
Access control
Time control
Control of lines / outputs / relays
200 different priority levels
Maintenance mode
Volume control

Audio & Signaling

Functions Datasheet
Pre-busy signaling
Visual and acoustic call and busy signaling
Triggering of flashing warning beacons
Audio bandwith 7 kHz
Playback of tones and texts
Acoustic pre announcement tone