The PA systems from INDUSTRONIC are public address systems allowing the targeted transfer of information to all locations where your staff members, customers or other groups of people gather - whether indoors, outdoors or in Ex areas.

Taking into account all site conditions, we prepare detailed acoustic studies and determine the technical equipment required as well as the exact number and positioning of the loudspeakers.


Fields of Application

  • Oil rigs and refineries
  • Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical production plants
  • Steelworks and mines
  • Open-cast mining and power plants
  • Airports and ports
  • Tunnels
  • Public buildings


INDUSTRONIC has a comprehensive portfolio of different speakers for every application. High-power amplifiers provide the necessary volume even in noisy environments. For every application, we have a suitable public address solution which best suits your requirements.

Announcements and tones are broadcast manually via key press at an intercom station or automatically via the PA system. Additionally, flashing warning beacons can be triggered during an announcement to draw attention. 

PA zones are defined according to your specific plant requirements. Group calls can be used to make specific announcements in these zones. It is also possible to combine several zones to a larger group.


Our PA systems can be easily expanded with PA/GA and intercom functions. This way, they cannot only be used for mere public address applications but also for the propagation of live-saving information in case of an emergency and for industrial communication.

Thanks to numerous interfaces, it is possible to integrate different third-party systems or components.

  • Interfaces to process control and Fire & Gas systems (e.g. Modbus TCP, CANopen, SNMP)
  • Connection to control room systems, network management systems as well as radio and PABX systems
  • Integration of entertainment components (e.g. CD/MP3 player)
  • Use of already existing infrastructure or equipment (e.g. speakers)

Both the connected speakers as well as the individual speaker circuits and lines are permanently monitored. The optional redundant design of the PA system ensures the availability of all PA functions at all times.


PA, PA/GA and Intercom

Call is established immediately

Optimizing work processes

Standard tones and voice messages

All call and group call

Avoiding dangers

Facilitation for staff