High Power Sirens vs. Horn Loudspeakers

As you might know INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn ASH 125 can be used as a big horn loudspeaker due to its

Unique Features

  • Built-in 100V toroidal audio transformer
  • Extraordinary audio performance

Gives the Outstanding Advantages

  • Usage of the same amplifiers independently of siren horn or loudspeaker
  • Long distances of cable runs to siren masts
  • Centralized remote amplifiers with no need of outdoor climate cabinets
  • Centralized power supplies and battery backup with no need of solar panels

Substitute for Horn Loudspeakers

Due to the exceptional audio performance of INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn it can be used as a complete substitute for any type of industrial outdoor horn loudspeaker.


The following picture shows a calculation and comparison between 5 (five) common 25 Watts industrial horn loudspeakers and 1 (one) 125 Watts INDUSTRONIC Acoustic Siren Horn.

The instalation was simulated in a tank farm. Both systems were mounted on 15 meter high masts.


As you can easily see 5 horn loudspeakers cover much less of the area than 1 single Acoustic Siren Horn.

This gives the possibility of covering large areas with less effort as wiring and assembly costs are reduced.


Are there only benefits?     

 …let’s say there are also some disadvantages:

Big coverage means that big areas are acoustically addressed and the saying

‘A lot helps a lot’

is not correct in every case due to potential echoes, reflections and disturbing sound in the surroundings.

  • In order to get a selective coverage, the use of smaller horn loudspeakers may be more effective.

High sound pressure levels require safety precautions.

  • The surrounding of siren masts must be equipped with safety barriers to avoid hearing impairments.
  • Wearing adequate ear protection is also necessary when working in immediate vicinity of the siren masts.



INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn is a valuable acoustic tool for many industrial applications.

The performance is outstanding if it is used by skilled hands and if it is cleverly planned.


Soon we will publish our new Acoustic Siren Horn Brochure there you can learn more on the various fields of application, the mounting options and technical details.

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