INTRON-X – The first commissioning

So far we have only announced it. Now, we have successfully completed our first commissioning:
Our new IP based system is ready for use!
The first INTRON-X system was successfully installed and activated at our customer’s facility in the last few days.
What’s more:
The backward compatible INTRON-X was integrated into an existing digital communication system.
In this way, together with our customer, we were able to ensure that the well-known digital technology is linked to the new IP world and therefore a safe investment.

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The Hungarian Consul General visits INDUSTRONIC

Recently Mr. András Iszák, the Consul General of Hungary, visited our city of Wertheim. He was here on a cultural mission to honor Mr. Michael Szabó, a citizen of Wertheim, with a silver “Hungarian Order of Merit”
During his stay the Consul paid INDUSTRONIC an operational visit and was joined by his deputy Ms. Rita Kovács and his Economic Consul Mr. Krisztián Komma.

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Farewell to a Valued Colleague & Friend

On July 1st, 2021 Mr. Edgar Hauptmann, Director of Sales, retired after 39 years of working for INDUSTRONIC! Mr. Hauptmann was a colleague and friend for all us at INDUSTRONIC. Partners and Customers around the world valued his professional capabilities and team spirit which were paired with a great sense of humor. Due to the […]

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The new INTRON-X System

Introducing our new system generation – INTRON-X!
It can be used as PA, PA/GA, intercom or as a combined system for various industrial communication requirements and excels with a modular design, easy scalability, flexibility and integration into existing customer networks. It provides you with advanced IP-based solutions and interfaces. The consistent design simplifies connectivity and system structures.

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