Project Engineering at INDUSTRONIC

Post by Anna Bauer

Today we would like to take the opportunity to introduce our Project Engineering (PJE) team. Our team of 14 project engineers prepare the system-specific documentation for our customers and for the internal assembling process. The PJE team cooperates closely with our customers and many other teams inside INDUSTRONIC. To plan the cabinets, the team receives the required details from the sales team which collects all necessary information during the bidding stage from the customers. For the intercom and PA/GA systems, the team members study the specifications and construct the cabinets according to our customers’ needs.

In addition to the construction of the whole system, our colleagues are responsible for project documents like the hardware manual, circuit diagrams, cable plans, bills of material, terminal plans and parts lists. To facilitate their work, the PJE uses the latest CAE systems but also works with proprietary tools from INDUSTRONIC such as the configuration software Config Manager. Depending on the size of the project and the scope of work, the engineering and support of entire systems may take from weeks to months or even years for major projects.

After the commissioning, there might be some changes (redlinings) to the as-built documentation. The PJE receives the returned documents and adapts them according to the changes of the system during the installation at the customer´s site.

For the assembly, the plans are double-checked and then handed over to the Work Preparation team which coordinates the manufacturing and assembly of the cabinets.

Before shipment of the cabinets and other system equipment, a system parameterization is prepared by the dedicated engineer for the internal testing in our Testing team. As agreed in the project, we invite our customers or a third party inspector (TPI) for the factory acceptance test (FAT), to examine the system before shipment. A three-person project team Project Engineering, Project Management and Testing is responsible for the visitors and accompanies them during their visit.

The PJE is in constant contact with our customers. By e-mail or telephone, they clarify open points directly with the end users and gather necessary information about technical details such as the placement of loudspeakers or the configuration of the system.  

As you can see, our PJE team is ready for any challenge and we at INDUSTRONIC are ready for your project.

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