NCP Series – Your IP Control Station on a Touchscreen

Author: Carina KnörzerKeeping an overview on all the plant buildings and areas is important for the staff in the control room. The new IP PC intercom stations of the NCP series offer you exactly that. You can take full advantage of the INTRON-D plus functions for Intercom, PA and PA/GA on one large touchscreen.

Example of the NCP graphical user interface
Example of the NCP graphical user interface

 The NCP series is especially designed for the use in modern control rooms. This includes:

  • Industrial communication
  • Propagating voice announcements
  • Triggering of alarms
  • Activation of control lines and/or control signals

 The graphical user interface is separated into several layers and areas where different buttons and status indicators are arranged.For a more detailed view, please click on the image on the right side. The IP PC intercom station of the NCP series can be operated either via mouse or via touchscreen.

Intuitive User Interface

You can easily configure and modify the user interface with our configuration tool Config Manager. All in all, a total of 2000 buttons can be programmed. Each of these can be labeled with project- or function-specific texts or icons. In some cases, they change color when actuated.One special feature are the new status indicators on the upper left corner of the button. Faults are indicated directly on the button with different colors.

Example of Buttons
Example of Buttons: The pair on the left side shows the change of colour in case of actuation. On the right side you see the status indication. Red means “faults detected” and green means “no faults detected”.

The NCP is usually supplied as a software and can be installed on a PC. However, we recommend to order our pre-configured packages. The desktop version NCP 001 D consists of one PC with pre-installed software, one 19” touchscreen monitor, one desktop microphone and two desktop loudspeakers. This equipment has been tested by our engineers and guarantees compatibility and reliable operation. Of course, the intercom station is permanently monitored.

Desktop and Rack Versions available

In addition to the desktop version there is also a rack version available. The type NCP 001 R is especially designed for use as a service station installed inside a cabinet. Here, the operation is made via an industrial-suited resistive 15″ TFT touchscreen monitor. That means, operation with gloves is possible. A goose-neck microphone and a loudspeaker are built-in into the panel.

NCP 001 R: Rack version of the NCP series

If you are interested in receiving an offer or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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