Introducing INDUSTRONIC Inc.

Our communication systems have been delivered to customers in North America since the early 70’s.
The global oil industry looks to Houston Texas as one of their major hubs, so it is only natural that the offshore market has become the driver of business for INDUSTRONIC in North America.

Focusing on the relationships of INDUSTRONIC’s many European customers; the steel, LNG and Oils Sands sectors became very prominent and continue to provide growth for INDUSTRONIC.

North America is viewed as an area of large potential growth by our board of directors and ownership. Many of the international engineering firms drive their purchasing decisions from their US and Canadian based global headquarters, which created a need for local representation.

Our second subsidiary, INDUSTRONIC Inc., was founded in 2007 in Bridgewater New Jersey, a location that is easily accessible by the German Headquarters and has direct access to every major city and port in North America.

Axel Breidenbruch heads the office for INDUSTRONIC which serves as the hub for all North American operations and is a training center for customers and employees showcasing all the new technology available from INDUSTRONIC.

The technical and sales experience demonstrated by our American staff has led to many success stories including the development of Automatic Coupling/Decoupling communication system for Tender Assisted Rigs, and a decentralized processor structure for use on a fiber optic backbone allowing larger distances for the Husky Oils Sands project. Customers such as Axon Energy Products, Transocean Ltd., ENSCO plc, ThyssenKrupp, BayerCrop Sciences, JELEC, SNC Lavalin and SAIPEM Canada provide for strong references on technology and project management of the North American offices.

If you would like more information on INDUSTRONIC Inc., please visit its website at

We invite you to experience the INTRON-D plus, INDUSTRONIC’s newest technology, at the Bridgewater facility at your convenience.

Office Building

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