INDUSTRONIC Blog – One Year Anniversary

Pretty much one year ago we started our blog with the intention of providing insight into our company and covering a selection of technological issues for our readers. Reason enough to reflect whether or not we have been living up to our readers’ expectations.

Well, the team has been very committed and working hard to cover various topics. It is a fun and rewarding project for all of us. As we get together to contemplate on upcoming issues, the positive feedback from readers all over the world has been very valuable and inspiring for us. It is a good basis for starting a dialog. That is our aim – to start a global dialog!

As for living up to our readers’ expectations, we are confident to be covering a wide array of subjects in regard to social as well as technological issues happening at INDUSTRONIC. Of course we are always happy to receive further input from your side, regarding topics you may like to have covered.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our articles as much as we have enjoyed writing them. We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to comment on our blog posts!

One thought to “INDUSTRONIC Blog – One Year Anniversary”

  • Mukesh Shah

    Congratulations for having completed one successful and informative year!


    Best wishes from:
    Team Dee-Em


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