Greeting from the President 2017

Wolfgang StallmeyerDear Reader,

Our business continues to grow at a high level despite the low price of oil.

The demand for IP solutions is steadily increasing. Nevertheless, the digital 2-wire technology with its transmission distance of up to 4 km (2.5 miles) for remote intercom stations with additional speaker will play an important role for a long time to come. Hybrid solutions combine the advantages of both technologies.

Our new high power speaker application with 125-W acoustic horns is experiencing great success. It provides excellent speech intelligibillity over long distances and is ideal to address large-scale areas such as tank farms and marine loading terminals. In combination with the classic public address speakers for buildings and outdoor areas with hidden nooks and corners, you get a perfect solution for efficient and high-quality broadcasting of announcements and alarms throughout the plant.

Together with our various intercom functions, we provide you with reliable wire-based industrial communication which also integrates wireless communication.


Wolfgang Stallmeyer



4 thoughts to “Greeting from the President 2017

  • Mukesh Shah

    Congratulations Mr. President for leading an ever innovative team and we are proud of your leadership in guiding the innovation and keeping the flag of Industronic flying high in the market place of sound systems for emergency purposes.

    • Anja Hendrickson

      Thank you Mukesh for your kind words.

      We wish you all the best in the New Year!

  • Ashok Bhat

    Happy New Year & Wish you Success.

    • Anja Hendrickson

      Thank you Ashok!
      We wish you a very healthy and successful New Year as well!


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