Canaport LNG taking advantage of mobile DUSTRON possibilities!

What is even better than a happy customer? A customer sharing their satisfaction and success of Industronic products with the community and industry leaders! Canaport LNG, a Repsol and Irving Oil joint venture operating the LNG receiving and regasification terminal on the Canadian east coast in Saint John, New Brunswick, has successfully implemented our DUSTRON app on intrinsically safe mobile devices for their daily operations and maintenance activities.

Canaport LNG’s investments for safer and more streamlined operations is based on plant-wide WiFi coverage allowing the use of smartphones and tablets throughout the facility. One piece in this success story is the INDUSTRONIC DUSTRON app, which extends the usability of INDUSTRONIC PAGA systems from stationary to mobile, uncovering enhanced user benefits and operational efficiencies:

DUSTRON allows immediate, flexible and localized PA and intercom notifications. Operators can communicate from anywhere within the facility without restrictions. This is especially important in emergency situations when every second counts. Being able to not only speak to the control room from an incident location, but to also initiate broadcast messages to any single or all plant paging zones brings unprecedented reaction times, precisely targeted announcements and ultimately increased safety.

But there is more. With DUSTRON asset management, periodic maintenance, alarm testing and emergency drills are easier, less labor intensive and can minimize or even avoid the involvement and interruption of process control operators. One person can walk down PAGA field hardware and initiate low prioritized test signals to individual speaker loops and beacons by pressing a smartphone button on the fly. As long as the hardware is visible and audible from plant roads afar, weekly testing is all possible from the warmth or air conditioning of your company vehicle – a hardly negligible plus during harsh Canadian winters or humid and hot southern summers.

To complete the DUSTRON package, INDUSTRONIC implemented comprehensive status and fault reporting capabilities, all visible from within the app. Your PAGA system is manageable from the palm of your hands.

We thank Canaport LNG for the great cooperation allowing us to show our passion for innovative products and their honorable mention in their 2019 community report (page 13 at link below).

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