Gaining a Great Deal of Practical Experience – My Apprenticeship at INDUSTRONIC

This is a post from our apprentice Anna who gives an insight into her apprenticeship at INDUSTRONIC.

Hello, my name is Anna and I am an apprentice at INDUSTRONIC in Wertheim. I started my vocational training to become an industrial business management assistant in September 2017. Currently I´m in my first year of training and soon I´m going to write the intermediate examination.

In Germany, we have the so-called dual training system. This means as an apprentice I am working at the INDUSTRONIC company to gain practical experience and one and a half days a week I visit a vocational school in Bad Mergentheim. There, my classmates and I are studying economics, foreign languages and the handling of electronic data processing systems. I really enjoy the interaction with students from other companies and studying the theoretical knowledge of my future profession.

My apprenticeship takes two and a half years. With the German Abitur there is the possibility of an additional qualification in international management and foreign languages. One part of the additional qualification is a 5-week stay in Malta, which is organized by my vocational school and supported by the EU. The educational trip will take place at the beginning of my second year of training. During our time in Malta we will go to an English class for one week. For four weeks we will work at a Maltese company. I´m looking forward to this unique experience.

At INDUSTRONIC, I go through many different departments like Project Management, Purchasing, Sales and many others. I´m getting a great overview of all departments and my colleagues are taking a lot of time to explain their daily work.

At work I can use my knowledge from school. At school I benefit from my experiences from work.

My apprenticeship is very diverse and I really enjoy the combination of school and work. I´m very happy INDUSTRONIC enables me such a good apprenticeship.

If you want to learn more about the German dual training system, you can also visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.












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