Redundancy Concepts of the IP Public Address Unit

The permanent availability of critical devices is crucial when initiating alarms or voice announcements in emergency situations. The IP PA unit of the NPA series is especially designed to deal with this requirement. It offers intelligent backup control enabling component redundancy for the amplifier modules and the power supply unit – all in one device.

Redundant Amplifier Modules and Power Supply

To backup an amplifier module with a second one, you simply insert an identical amplifier module into the second slot provided.

For redundant power supply, both AC inputs are used. Power supply units can easily and quickly be replaced during normal operation thanks to hot-swap capability.

To provide additional protection, you can connect an emergency power supply (e.g. battery) to compensate for mains interferences.









N+1 Redundancy

Completely redundant IP PA units which are configured in N+1 redundancy mode provide 100 % power without interruption. For N+1 (N = 1 to 4), there is always one backup device available to take over the complete functions in case of failure. There is an automatic switchover of all inputs and outputs.








Network Redundancy

Network redundancy is achieved through two Ethernet ports. If one network fails, the data is sent via the second one.









Individual Solutions

Every project has individual requirements. Together we will find the redundancy solution that best fits your needs.

Download the current data sheet here.


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