Our Charitable Donations

Here is our yearly update of how our charitable donations were put into action on a local as well as a global level.

Freundeskreis Indianerhilfe e.V. –
Friends helping indigenous people of South America

We have been supporting „Friends helping indigenous people of South America“ for several years now. This year they were in direct need of an oxygen generator to help children suffering from pneumonia or breathing difficulties to travel safely to the nearest hospital. For some indigenous people living far away from a larger city this is an often long and ardeous trip. Through our donation they were able to buy the needed oxygen generator.

Goldene Minuten – Precious Minutes

On a local level we supported a welfare center that is looking to offer their older patients „precious minutes“ above and beyond the routine daily care given. Since often there is no extra time for short conversations or comforting conversations, they want to be able to spend more time with their patients. These extra minutes will be invested in precious attentive time for the elderly in need of them.

Tafel Wertheim – Food Bank Wertheim

The Tafel in Wertheim is a local organization that collects surplus food from various shops and distributes them to the poor and needy in town. We supported them by collecting foods in our company and a donation to cover vehicle maintenance and gas costs.

Kinderhospiz Sternenzelt Mainfranken e.V. – Children’s Hospice „Starry Canopy“

We were happy to support the Children’s Hospice with a donation in Form of t-shirts with logo for the staff members.

The association Children’s Hospice “Starry Canopy” is a local outpatient service that supports and attends to seriously ill or life-shortening ill children, adolescents and young adults as well as their families starting from the point of diagnosis until beyond death. They offer psychosocial support, palliative consultation and support through specially trained staff.

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