Introducing INDUSTRONIC Singapore

Office Building in Singapore

Foreseeing the potential business in Singapore and South-East Asia and considering the growth of its customer base there, INDUSTRONIC
decided to make a major investment in this area.

Consequently, in 2013, INDUSTRONIC was happy to announce the foundation of its South-East Asia Representative Office in Singapore.

It is a great advantage for INDUSTRONIC to have an office with the same culture and time zone as its customers thus offering improved support and collaboration in the South East Asian region.

With Mr. Bobby Tay as Director of this office INDUSTRONIC has found a good business partner to enhance INDUSTRONIC’s presence and to further its business expansion more rapidly in this part of the world. With his many years of industrial experience and his substantial track record his expertise is an additional value INDUSTRONIC brings to its customers.

Six months of busy and enriching activities followed immediately after the opening of the Representative Office.

During this time, our new colleague has been visiting customers in South East Asia, promoting INDUSTRONIC’s products, systems and solutions, exchanging ideas and views among experts, improving knowledge transfer, holding presentations, arranging meetings and much more.

INDUSTRONIC is looking forward to the expansion of its Representative Office.

By assigning more responsibilities, tasks and functions to it, INDUSTRONIC is confident that its customers will benefit from it and that INDUSTRONIC can achieve its main objective: conducting successful projects in close team work with its customers!

To contact Mr. Bobby Tay / INDUSTRONIC’s Representative Office in Singapore, please write an email to:

2 thoughts to “Introducing INDUSTRONIC Singapore

  • Mukesh Shah

    Congratulations Bobby!

  • Mukesh Shah

    Congratulations Bobby!


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