INDUSTRONIC – A Specialist Company for Voice Alarm Systems according to DIN 14675

The requirements for fire alarm systems are becoming more and more demanding. There are constant changes to guidelines, regulations and standards such as

  • EN 54-16 for voice alarm control and indicating equipment,
  • DIN EN 50849 which deals with systems for emergency purposes replacing the DIN EN 60849
  • DIN VDE 0833-4 for voice alarm systems in case of fire.

Another example is the DIN 14675 standard which deals with the design and operation of fire detection and fire alarm systems and was recently updated in April 2018. A great deal of practical experience was incorporated into the revision of the standard. Not only our national customers benefit from this experience and know-how but also international projects are realized according to the rules stipulated in the DIN 14675 standard.

As a specialist company, confirmed by an independent certification agency, INDUSTRONIC offers services for different project phases such as planning, design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of fire alarm systems according to the requirements of the DIN 14675 standard.

Only holders of a valid certificate are allowed to plan, install and maintain voice alarm systems according to DIN 14675. INDUSTRONIC is thus certified to have a solid basis of quality and know-how and takes over the responsibility for the relevant project phases. For the certification, some of our employees were trained to become chief specialists. This way, INDUSTRONIC strengthens customer confidence and its market value.

In addition, regular training courses and audits ensure constant further development in the field of voice alarm systems in the future.

INDUSTRONIC is commited to exceptional quality – CERTIFIED!

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