Greeting from the President 2020

Dear Reader,

Reliable and intelligible communication, public address and general alarm are crucial in rough and hazardous industrial areas.

Our wire-based systems for two-way communication and public address have been the basis in this respect for more than 50 years. With the DUSTRON App we provide our comprehensive range of functions also as mobile version for smartphones and tablets.

Despite advances in technology, we hold on to our renowned features. These include, for example, the monitoring of all components, a smart priority management or audio synchronization for the redundant A+B system. SIP, as the standard for today’s public telecommunications can by far not meet all requirements for these applications. Our systems of course also provide SIP interfaces to connect to PABX systems or to integrate SIP-based terminal devices.

Due to increased IP networking (e.g. in the context of the Industrial Internet of Things), IT security becomes more and more important also in industrial environments. We face this challenge together with our customers and continuously develop our solutions further.

Contact us. We are happy to assist you.

Regards, Wolfgang Stallmeyer


Wertheim, 1/1/2020

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  • Mukesh Shah

    Thank you for the wishes Mr. Stallmeyer and the team-Industronic. 2020 will bring in new opportunities and challenges but as always, we will Byte the challenges Bit by Bit.. Happy New Year 2020!


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