Consistent Development: LAV Program replaces CSI Program

We would like to announce the re-naming of the former “CSI-Program”.

In recent years, INDUSTRONIC has established the so-called Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program in the market. The objective was to give System Integrators (SIs) the possibility to take part in INDUSTRONIC’s the value chain by adding their own value to it as well as gaining more knowledge and control on their projects.

We now have decided to re-name this program. In the future, the program will be continued with the term Local Added Value (LAV) Program.

We request that you use this term from now on. Of course, we want to give you a short insight into the reasons for the change of the term.

Higher Flexibility 

The primary aim of the CSI Program was to enable well-selected System Integrators through detailed trainings to take over parts of the INDUSTRONIC value chain. As the Inner Country Value (ICV) has come up as an important requirement more and more in the recent times and as some partners have made their first steps by taking over e.g. assembly or design of the system, we wanted to implement a change. The importance of value adding by parties other than SIs in the project chain is steeply rising. This is often asked by the investors or home countries in projects.

So the program will from now on not only cover SIs, but also partners and any other LAV executors as well. In addition to the above mentioned progress, the more general term “LAV” makes us more flexible, as partners and SIs both fit into the program. Also partners, which are already executing projects with us by adding their own value (e.g. doing the assembly work) will from now on be part of the program. We believe this will provide us with a very stable basis to build up fruitful and effective partnerships in the future.

Tailored training sessions will of course be held individually as usual.

Different Levels – for a tailored partnership

As well as before, the LAV program will consist of three different levels: 1. LAV Basic, 2. LAV Advanced and 3. LAV Expert.

Furthermore, there are specific particularities, depending on the apportionment of the value chain steps between INDUSTRONIC and the LAV executor.

INDUSTRONIC provides these supplies and services as per individual project agreement.

For more Information, please contact us at any time 

In case you have any questions or feedback regarding our latest program news, please let us know. We will be happy to support you.

If you are interested in becoming part of our LAV Program, just contact your local Area Sales Manager or our LAV Program Manager Louis Schäfer directly at

+49 (0) 9342 / 871-350 or

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