Call Request Control

Today´s topic of INDUSTRONIC functions is Call Request Control. This function is often used at gateways and entrance areas. There, visitors must make a call request to the central control room via a gate intercom station.

Control Rooms – Flexible and Always Available

This call request reaches several control room intercom stations simultaneously. Depending on the situation, operators in the control room can flexibly decide at which intercom station they want to accept the call request and conduct the conversation. At the same time, the other stations are free and can accept further calls.

Communication is controlled by the Control Room

After the call has been accepted by the control room, a voice connection is established and controlled by the control room. During the course of the conversation the person at the entrance does not have to press any key again.

Communication Procedure

The following illustration shows the communication procedure in general.

Gate Intercom Stations with only 1 Key

Each intercom station which is used at an entrance area requires only 1 key for the call request. After the call has been accepted, no further keypress is necessary.

Conversation in Duplex Mode

Once an operator accepts the call, the conversation can be held in full-duplex mode if the intercom station in the control room is equipped with a handset which is used for the conversation.

Download a more detailed version here.

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