The acoustic siren horn can be used as an electronic siren for alarms and voice announcements. They are especially designed for areas with high ambient noise levels. They can be operated together with the INDUSTRONIC communication and public address system.

Acoustic Siren Horn

ASH 125

Features and Functions

  • Wide audio bandwidth for broadcasting of speech and alarm tones
  • Robust industrial technology, sturdy design
  • Seawater-resistant aluminum
  • Extremely high efficiency dB / W
  • Up to 120.9 dB(C) / 30 m (32.8 yd) with 2-Line-0° setup
  • Multiple setups with 1 up to 8 siren horns per construction
  • Integrated transformer for 100 V system

The flyer Wide-Area Notification provides an overview of the acoustic siren horn ASH 125 with installation and mounting adapted to local conditions, optimum sound propagation and the possible application options.