Speakers & Sirens

Speakers are now an indispensable part of everyday life. They are found in public places, in shopping centers and car parks, and often also in the workplace. There are many important factors that come into play when choosing the right public address system, such as the acoustic characteristics of the room and the environment. We utilize 100 Volt technology during our planning work. Based on your specific requirements, we select the appropriate speakers and carry out full-scale planning, on-site system design and calibration. This ensures compliance with the relevant standards.

The modular acoustic siren horns can be used for different fields of application – they are ideal for broadcasting of alarms, siren tones and voice messages over large areas, but also for instructing staff in industrial or similar environments.

Horn Speakers, Weatherproof
Horn Speakers, Explosion-proof
Wall-mounted, Indoor Speakers
In-ceiling, Indoor Speakers