VOESTALPINE – LD 3 Steel Plant

End customer

voestalpine group-IT GmbH


Linz, Austria

Project name

LD 3 steel plant

General project description

The LD 3 steel plant is named after the so-called Linz-Donawitz process (LD stands for Linz and Donawitz, two Austrian towns). This basic oxygen steel-making process was developed by voestalpine. Here, carbon-rich molten pig iron is converted into low-carbon steel by blowing oxygen over a lance inside the LD converter. Since the 1950s, this method has been used on an industrial scale.
As part of the modernization of the steel plant, an analog communication system was replaced by a new, modern INTRON-D plus system.

Project scope

  • Task: Planning, delivery and commissioning
  • System: Communication, public address and general alarm system (PA/GA)
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 2 INTRON-D plus systems including emergency power supply
    • 1 PC intercom station
    • 210 digital intercom stations with accessories
    • 1500 W amplifier power
    • Configuration software
  • Schedule: Planning in 2013, customer training, placing of orders, delivery and commissioning in 2014
  • Parties involved in the project: voestalpine group-IT GmbH

Special features

  • The complete upgrade of the systems with 350 intercom stations was performed within one day
  • Replacement of existing analog system by fully digital technology. Two INTRON-D plus systems were installed.
  • Networking is performed via DSL connection
  • The communication system consists of approx. 350 intercom stations. 210 of them were replaced by digital intercom stations.
  • 6 links to crane radio system