Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

End customer



Open-cast mine Jänschwalde F60 conveyor bridge

Project name

Communication in open-cast mining

General Project Description

Vattenfall is Germany's third largest electricity producer and uses the latest standards for various power sources. Due to reconstruction and upgrading, the analog communication system was replaced by the latest INDUSTRONIC system, the INTRON-D plus.

Project scope

  • Task: Planning, delivery and commissioning
  • System: General alarm, public address and communication systems
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 5 INTRON-D plus systems
    • 66 call stations
    • Implementation of all existing loudspeakers
    • More than 2250 W of amplifier output
  • Schedule:
    August - October 2010
    Planning, tender preparation, assignment and commissioning within 3 months
  • Parties involved in the project: Implementation in consultation with the end customer, with local partners and engineering companies

Special features

General alarm, public address and communication for the F60 conveyor bridge as well as for 3 open-mining excavators. Connection via OTN/E1 and interfaces to professional mobile radio, alarm and process control systems.