TenneT – Helwin Bèta

End customer

TenneT TSO GmbH


Amrumbank West offshore wind farm (located in the North Sea, 34 miles away from the coast, 22 miles north of Helgoland and 23 miles west of Amrum island)

Project name


General project description

Helwin Bèta is a converter platform with high voltage direct current transmission system (HVDC) in order to connect the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm to the electricity grid. The 3-phase alternating current which is generated by the wind turbines of the wind farm is converted into direct current on the Helwin Bèta converter platform. The electric power is then transmitted to the grid connection point on the main land via high-voltage submarine and land cables. There, a transformer station converts the power back to alternating current for further use.

Project scope

  • Task:Delivery, support during commissioning
  • System:Intercom and Public Address System
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 2 x INTRON-D plus systems (A+B system – shared operation)
    • 1 x master intercom station (Access Panel)
    • 3 x weather-proof outdoor intercom stations
  • Schedule: Offer in 2012, order in May 2013, commissioning in 2014
  • Parties involved in the project: TenneT TSO GmbH (operator), Heerema Fabrication Group (designer of HVDC CONVERTER), Siemens (Main Contractor), Signon Berlin (purchaser), commissioning by Signon Berlin and INDUSTRONIC.

Special features

  • A+B system redundancy (shared operation)
  • Interconnection between systems via fiber optic cables