Domodedovo International Airport

End customer



Moscow/Russian Federation

Project name

Modernization of the Dispatcher System (communication and call systems)

General project description

Domodedovo is Moscow’s international airport with a total of 80 national and international airlines. In 2009 the number of passengers rose to 14 million. 

Project scope

  • Task: Delivery of the systems and support during commissioning
  • System: "Communication and call system" (Dispatcher system) with integrated  warning and alarm system
  • Scope of delivery/details: approx. 203 desktop call stations, 3 INTRON-D central exchanges, networking via glass fiber
  • Parties involved in the project: Engineering, installation, commissioning and service via our local Russian partner GIT OOO in Moscow

Special features

  • Two of the three systems are used exclusively as an intercom system (known as the Dispatcher System)
  • One system is used as an alarm system only for emergency situations and is equipped with all the features of this type of system (warning sequences, group call, priority warning).
  • All conversations on the most important call stations are recorded to a PC hard drive using a record function (evidence back-up).