China Coal Group - Yulin Coal Chemical Project

End customer

China Coal Group


Yulin, Shaanxi, China

Project name

Coal Chemical Project

General project description

China Coal Group is the largest coal company in China. Yulin is located in the Shaanxi province, in the Middle of the country. The project consists of 1 plant and will be constructed in 2 phases: In the first phase, the plant has an annual capacity of over 3.6 million tons of methanol and over 1.2 million tons of olefin from coal. When the second phase is completed, the plant will have the capacity to produce over 7.2 million tons of carbinol and over 2.4 million tons of olefin from coal per year.

Project scope

  • Task: Engineering, delivery and commissioning by our subsidiary company in China
  • System: Intercom, public address, warning and general alarm system
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • Total of 4 INTRON-D central exchange cabinets
    • Over 50 desktop intercom stations and more than 400 explosion-proof and weather-proof intercom stations, each with 25-W booster amplifier and loudspeaker
  • Schedule: Contract awarded in 2013, delivery in mid 2013, installation and commissioning in 2014. All systems are already in operation.
  • Parties involved in the project: On-site implementation via our subsidiary company, INDUSTRONIC® Beijing Industrie-Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.

Special features

  • Central exchange units with analog telephone interface, radio interface and F&G interface to connect to third-party systems
  • N+1 redundancy central exchange board in each central unit
  • Due to the final user’s management system, all central exchange units were installed in the central cabinet room, located in the south of the plant.
  • The greatest distance from an intercom station to the central exchange unit is around 4,000 meters.