Canaport LNG Terminal

End customer



Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Project name

Canaport LNG

General project description

Canaport LNG is the first terminal in Canada for unloading, storing and re-gasifying liquefied natural gas (LNG). The complex of over 4,300,000 square feet consists of three LNG storage tanks, a re-gasification system and an over 1,300' long jetty for mooring and emptying LNG tankers.

Project scope

  • Task: Turnkey project with engineering and design (construction planning), delivery, construction and commissioning of our systems
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 4 full redundancy master stations, installed in different control rooms
    • 20 explosion-proof and weather-proof outdoor call stations
    • 250 explosion-proof and weather-proof loudspeakers and beacons
    • 2 redundant Intron D central exchanges (if one of the two central exchanges fails, the second central exchange takes over complete control of all functions and peripherals)
    • Intelligent interface to fire & gas detection system with integrated logic operations
  • Schedule: Contract awarded in 2007, commissioning work completed in 2009
  • Parties involved in the project: Customer SNC Lavalin, installation and cabling via local subcontractors, project management by subsidiary company INDUSTRONIC, Inc. USA

Special features

At Canaport LNG there are demanding requirements for cross-zone public address, redundancy and system stability.
INDUSTRONIC created a detailed public address plan incorporating all the environmental factors. The high wind strength, loud ocean noise as well as the salty air and extreme temperature fluctuations (winter/summer) in particular represented a special challenge in terms of planning and the materials to be used.