Bayer Polyurethanes Co. Ltd.

End customer



Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (Caojing), China

Project name

Bayer Integrated Site

General project description

The Bayer Integrated Site is located within the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. New production systems for polycarbonates, polyurethane and varnish raw materials are produced here. The Integrated Site has become Bayer's largest and most technically advanced production site in the entire Asia/Oceania region.

Project scope

  • Task: Engineering, delivery and commissioning by our subsidiary company in China
  • System: Intercom, public address, warning, general alarm and radio systems
  • Scope of delivery / details:
    • 1 central master station (ERC – Emergency Response Center)
    • 14 INTRON-D Systems with approx. 33,000 W amplifier output and outdoor loudspeakers
    • Systems networked via glass fiber cables
    • 10 central master stations
    • Around 190 explosion-proof and weather-proof outdoor call stations with external loudspeakers
  • Schedule: Project started in 2005 with ongoing expansion
  • Parties involved in the project: Developed directly with the end customer and with on-site support from our subsidiary INDUSTRONIC Beijing

Special features

The individual intercom and PA/GA systems for the independent plants are interconnected via glass fiber networks .
Within the plant, the independent communication and warning and general alarm system is coordinated via local master stations. Cross-plant communication, as well as warning and alarming, is realized via the central master station (ERC).