Bayer Material Science AG – U-Block

End customer

Bayer Material Science AG


Chempark Leverkusen

Project name

U Block

General project description

Bayer Material Science AG is one of the world's largest producer of polymers and high-tech plastics. The company develops coatings, adhesives, insulating material, sealants as well as polycarbonate and polyurethane. To meet the very high safety standards during production a communication, warning and alarm system with highest availability was integrated.

Project scope

  • Task: Planning, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of a company warning and general alarm system
  • System: Redundant communication, warning and general alarm system
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 2 INTRON-D Master systems
    • 2 INTRON-D Slave systems
    • 5 PC master intercom stations
    • 16 LED displays for warning and status messages
    • Integrated power supply and battery backup
    • 18.5 kW amplifier output
  • Schedule: Planning and offer in 2008, order in March 2009, commissioning in October 2009
  • Parties involved in the project: Customer: Bayer Business Services GmbH, engineering, installation, commissioning, and service by INDUSTRONIC Customer Service Center West

Special features

The U block consists of two main areas: U18 and U23 which are divided into individual sub areas. A Master system and a Slave system as backup are assigned to each main area. The systems are linked with each other so that a failure of one exchange control board can be backed up by the other. The triggering of alarms is always guaranteed. The central master intercom stations are assigned to the respective Master system and Slave system simultaneously to ensure communication at any time. If several or all central exchange boards fail, there is always the option to make an announcement via emergency microphone.