Public address

Transfer of information – clear, targeted, effective

The PA systems  from INDUSTRONIC are public address systems  allowing the targeted transfer of information to all locations where your staff members, customers or other groups of people congregate. 

Background music, pages or announcements are transmitted clearly and distinctly in excellent sound and voice quality – whether in enclosed spaces or outdoors.

Wide variety of applications

  • Complex industrial systems
  • Factory halls
  • Public buildings and large events
  • Individual company areas such as administration, lab rooms, warehouse or canteen
  • Many different outdoor areas

Customer-oriented implementation

For our customers we produce detailed public address plans taking into account all the site conditions. These plans are then used to determine the technical equipment required, as well as the exact number and positioning of the loudspeakers. This is how we meet even your most challenging requirements for a professional and full-coverage public address system.


Communication philosophy

Everyone is in touch

Creating groups: One person speaking, many people listening - in different combinations such as pre-defined loudspeaker groups or subscriber group calls, complete public address as well as freely definable output zones.

System highlights


  • IP- technology, digital or analog technology as required
  • Highest possible sound quality and excellent voice intelligibility


  • Maximum reliability thanks to permanent monitoring of components and infrastructure
  • Monitoring of individual loudspeaker lines also possible
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance and diagnostics


  • Modular system architecture to which additional components can be added quickly and easily at any time
  • Output of speech, alarm tones or music

Standardized interfaces

  • For audio inputs and outputs, control inputs and outputs
  • To telephone, radio, third party systems
  • Can be expanded to the INDUSTRONIC PA/GA system

Functional devices for all conditions

  • Elegant, modern design for indoors
  • Rugged construction for use in extreme temperatures, in aggressive environments (e.g. dust, humidity, acids, etc.) and in extremely loud surroundings
  • Additional explosion-proof components
  • Voice and tone memory with standard tones and free texts
  • Tone generators
  • Entertainment components such as radio, CD player


  • Easy configuration (local or via remote access)
  • Flexible programming and zoning
  • Site-wide operation via remote access
  • Recording and time-delayed output of messages
  • Central, system-wide parameterization

Standards - Approvals - Certifications

  • Compliance with all relevant EU standards
  • Incorporation of country-specific requirements via separate certifications
  • Ex approvals for all key components
  • Certified quality conforming to EN 60849 


Public address - manual or automatic, flexible or pre-programmed

Manual or automatic announcement texts

Production sequences can be supported in a targeted way with sensor-controlled or time-controlled information texts, e.g. if faults occur in the process workflow, the maintenance personnel can be informed.

Targeted transfer of information

At the touch of a button you can distribute an announcement directly to a specific area of production (group call) or a broadcast across the entire company site (collective call).

Freely selectable output areas

The output areas can be divided into small subareas (zones). Individual area buttons can be used to compile customized output areas either manually or automatically.

Flexibility and safety

Prioritization & monitoring

  • Permanent automatic self-monitoring
  • Time-controlled volume control, e.g. reduced volume at night
  • Creation of zones, e.g. individual selection of buildings and areas
  • Different priority levels

Integration and networking

  • Wireless connection of components (e.g. via WLAN or digital radio)
  • Interface to or integration into control stand systems
  • Integration into the INDUSTRONIC intercom system or other systems
  • Integration of entertainment components
  • Integration and use of existing infrastructure


Clear and targeted information

  • Targeted and clear transmission of information for a variety of applications, such as pages to persons and groups of persons, background music or promotional announcements
  • Clear announcements for your personnel optimize business operations

Automated transmission of information

  • Time-controlled replay of recorded announcements, including in multiple languages, automate the transmission of information

Emissions protection

  • Individual planning of your PA solution meets all the requirements of emissions protection regulations
  • Time-controlled night time reduction of the volume level prevents unwanted nuisance noise

Excellent quality at minimal cost

  • Optimum public address system at a cost-effective price
  • Calculable maintenance costs

Protection of investment

  • Protection of investment thanks to long product life cycle
  • Long-term expansion possibilities
  • Flexible system modification to meet future needs