Intercom and Drillers Intercom


Process communication - fast, safe, direct

INDUSTRONIC intercom systems offer reliable, unique and process-accompanying communication. This increases the safety and efficiency of your processes, and ultimately, the success of your company.

Typical requirements and applications

Our modular systems are used everywhere where reliable communication is absolutely critical.

  • Grime in steelworks and mines
  • Wind, adverse weather conditions and saltwater on oil platforms
  • Blazing heat in tropical regions and desert areas
  • Freezing temperatures in cold climate zones
  • Potentially explosive areas in the chemical industry
  • Processing areas in refineries and power plants

Individual customization

With our intercom systems we can meet your specific requirements for communication and safety. Additionally, our tried and trusted communication functions can be integrated into existing systems.


Communication philosophy

Disciplined speech

In process communication, a rapid call setup (< 100 ms) and discipline during the call is what counts. This is achieved using the push-to-talk method (communication via direct connection buttons): one person talks, and the other listens. It is not possible to interrupt the speaker while that party is holding down the talk button unless priorities have been set and programmed. This method guarantees clear, targeted communication.

System highlights


Both the latest, innovative IP technology as well as tried and tested, reliable digital and analog technology ensure maximum functionality and flexibility.


The highest possible levels of reliability around the clock via permanent monitoring of the infrastructure and components – from the individual cable via call stations to the central control unit.


Modular system architecture to which additional components can be added quickly and easily at any time.


Pre-programmed direct connections allow a call to be set up within milliseconds; a valuable time-saver in comparison to dialing methods in process control and in emergency situations.

Terminals for all environmental conditions

Weather-proof call stations and terminals

Robust construction for industrial applications at extreme temperatures and in aggressive environments both indoors and outdoors (e.g. dust, dirt, acids, fire)

Explosion-proof call stations and terminals

Specially designed components for use in potentially explosive environments

Office and master call stations

Varied communication units with a modern design for control room applications, such as built-in units, desktop devices, radio headphones, etc.


Simple operation

Toggle keys on the outdoor call stations also permit usage with work gloves.

Flexible connections

Keypads permit freely selectable connections, in addition to pre-programmed direct connections.

Intuitive user guidance

Touch screens on master stations guide the user by visualizing the connections.


Existing connections are displayed at all times. This renders it unnecessary to have to attempt to call users who are already engaged on calls. Calls that are not answered are signaled to permit a call back.

Standards - approvals - certifications

Compliance with national and international standards and directives, e.g. the ATEX Directive or UL standards 

Special approvals and certifications are carried out  for country-specific requirements and applications, e.g. use in the nuclear industry, offshore applications, etc.


Three types of communication – can be freely combined as needed

Targeted communication

By simply pressing the button, a direct connection to a permanently programmed destination  is established, such as from the master station to the machine operator.

Point to point communication

All stations can communicate with each other by using a keypad.

Group communication

At the touch of a button, predefined groups can be reached or communicate with each other.

Flexibility and safety


All functions can be flexibly programmed.

Prioritization & monitoring

Different priorities ensure that very important high-priority information, such as alarms, reach their destination immediately. Continuous monitoring of all key components guarantees the continuous availability of the intercom system.

Integration and networking

Radio solutions can be connected, e.g. for crane communication, integration of public address and warning systems as well as various interfaces with existing communication systems permit complex communication solutions through to system networks.


Efficiency and process optimization

Fast, efficient communication

  • Saves time and costs
  • Prevents hazards
  • Minimizes the risk of accidents
  • Reduces errors
  • Optimizes your processes


With the INDUSTRONIC communication system, you save up to 80% time in comparison to traditional systems such as the telephone.

Optimal safety

  • Maximum safety for people, the environment and capital goods
  • Compliance with the required work safety regulations and the relevant environment standards

Highest possible quality at low cost

  • Highest possible quality of communication at competitive pricing
  • Calculable maintenance costs

Protection of investment

  • Protection of investment thanks to long product life cycle
  • Low annual costs for your communication processes