Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

End customer



Reichwalde open-cast mine and Nochten central control stand

Project name

Communication in open-cast mining

General project description

Vattenfall, Germany's third largest power generator, uses the latest standards for various power sources. The last batch of brown coal was mined from the Reichwalde open-cast mine in 1999, before the mine was then shut down. The re-commissioning of the mine after 2010 will secure the stable supply of the Lausitz brown coal power stations in the long term, in particular the expansion of the Boxberg site.

Project scope

  • Task: Planning, delivery and commissioning
  • System: General alarm, public address and communication systems
  • Scope of delivery/details: 15 INTRON-D systems consisting of 50 call stations, 300 loudspeakers and over 5,000 W amplifier output
  • Schedule: 2005-2009
  • Parties involved in the project: Implementation in consultation with the end customer and with local partners and engineering companies

Special features

General alarms, public address and communication for the F60 transport bridge assemblies, open cast mine excavators, coal conveyor systems, coal stores and conveyor drive stations. Connection to the central control center. Networking via OTN/E1. Interface to the control stand system with integration of the control stands. Interface to fire alarm, wind warning and PLS systems.