Vankor Oil Field

End customer



Krasnoyarsk / Siberia, Russia

Project name

Vankor Oil Field

General project description

Vankor belongs to the Russian company Rosneft, one of Russia's leading state oil and gas companies. The Vankor Oil Field, an oil and natural gas field with over 570 million tons of oil reserves and over 22 thousand cubic miles of natural gas reserves, lies in Eastern Siberia. It is managed by the subsidiary company Vankorneft.

Project scope

  • Task: Delivery of components, development of redundancy concept
  • System: Integrated system with full redundancy A/B intercom, public address, warning and general alarm functions
  • Scope of delivery / details:
    • approx. 85 call stations (master call stations, explosion-proof and weather-proof outdoor call stations)
    • More than 20 networked, redundant INTRON-D central exchanges
    • approx. 20,000 W amplifier output
    • Integration of telephone systems, also realized via redundant networking
  • Schedule: Contract awarded in 2008. The first part of the project (delivery, installation and commissioning) was implemented in 2009. The remaining work on the project will be carried out over the next few years.
  • Parties involved in the project: Engineering, commissioning and service via our local Russian partner GIT OOO in Moscow

Special features

The individual intercom and PA/GA systems for the independent plants have been intelligently networked to implement complex-wide communication as well as a warning and general alarm system.
Due to the climatic conditions in Siberia, and the very long distances, the customer required a 100% redundancy communication system with the highest possible availability levels.