Ticona GmbH

End customer

Ticona GmbH Frankfurt

Parent company

Celanese Corporation USA


Frankfurt-Hoechst Industrial Park

Project name

Ticona TIGer Project

General Project Description

Due to the expansion of Frankfurt Airport, the Ticona plant located in Kelsterbach will moved to Frankfurt-Hoechst in 2011.

Project scope

  • Task: Planning, delivery, commissioning and instruction
  • System: General alarm, public address and communication systems
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 6 INTRON-D plus systems
    • Approx. 100 call stations
    • Approx. 1000 loudspeakers
    • 17,000 W of amplifier output
  • Schedule: Planning completed in 2009, delivery and partial commissioning starting 2010, completion in 2011
  • Parties involved in the project:
    • General contractor: Flour
    • Planning: Hochtief
    • Construction and Installation: Zoth

Special features

  •  General alarm, public address and communication for the entire production facility, the 6 INTRON-D plus systems are linked together using a ring structure
  • Interfaces to fire- and nitrogen alarm systems
  • Control room with six master call stations including headset. Dynamic activation and deactivation of various operation areas.
  • Call connections to the different individual systems with talk-back function
  • Error message monitoring with interface to the process control system
  • Implementation of all systems according to the EN 60849 / VDE 0828 / VDE 0833 standards for electro-acoustic emergency systems