Mellitah Oil & Gas - Bouri Field

End customer

Mellitah Oil & Gas


Mediterranean Sea, Libya Waters

Project name

Revamping of PA/GA System on platforms DP4 and DP3

General project description

Hot plugging revamping of complete PA/GA system on platforms DP4 and DP3 of block NC-41 which is located about 75 miles north of the Libyan coast.

Project scope

  • Task: Revamping of complete PA/GA system, except cabling
  • System: INTRON-D system / A+B System (shared operation)
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 4 cabinets, 350 speakers, 40 flashing warning beacons and 60 speaker loops for DP3
    • 6 cabinets, 850 speakers, 60 flashing warning beacons and 140 speaker loops for DP4
  • Schedule: Start of delivery in 2010, interruption during the Libyan Civil War (2010-2012), re-start of renewing of field equipment in 2012, site survey by INDUSTRONIC engineers in 2012, commissioning in 2013 by German engineers, certification by Lloyd’s Register in May 2013
  • Parties involved in the project: Digital World, local project management team & service engineers, INDUSTRONIC offshore engineers

Special features

  • Replacement procedure planned and performed by INDUSTRONIC without any downtime of the complete system
  • Interconnection between systems via fiber optic cables
  • Sound coverage study performed by INDUSTRONIC
  • Certification by Lloyd’s Register