Hadeed - Mobile IP Communication for Gantry Cranes

End customer

HADEED Saudi Iron & Steel Company



Project name

Gantry Cranes

General project description

The requirement was to build a fast and reliable communication solution for workers around and inside the slab yard area based on a wireless Ethernet infrastructure (WIFI). The slab yard area comprises approx. 112,000 m2 with three double girder gantry cranes running on three railways. Mobile communication is available for the crane operators and the staff working on the ground, even between the slabs which can be up to 2.5 m high.

Project scope

  • Task: Engineering, delivery & commissioning support
  • System: Intercom system, WLAN infrastructure
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • INTRON-D plus system as central communication platform
    • WLAN infrastructure comprising Access Points, Access Clients, WLAN controller and cabling
    • IP communication units for every gantry crane
    • Crane stations for operators
    • Outdoor stations for electrical crane cabin
    • Master control station for slab yard supervisor
    • Mobile WLAN handsets for ground staff
  • Schedule: After installing a trial system for one crane in 2013, INDUSTRONIC received the order to install the full solution in Q1 / 2014. Commissioning and SAT was performed in Q3 / 2014.
  • Parties involved in the project: The order was awarded to INDUSTRONIC and its local partner Gescorp

Special features

  • Independent and simultaneous communication between cranes, master control station and mobile handsets
  • WLAN controller inside INTRON-D plus cabinet for seamless roaming of mobile handsets and crane stations
  • Uninterruptible communication while moving inside and around the slab yard