ENAFOR – Communication System

End customer

ENAFOR (Entreprise Nationale de Forage)


Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

Project name

Communication (Intercom) Systems for Mobile Land Rigs

General project description

ENAFOR operates mobile land drilling rigs for oil and gas in different sizes throughout Algeria.

To ensure an efficient drilling process, the individual drilling rigs are equipped with an industrial intercom system.

Project scope

  • Task: Turnkey project with design, engineering, delivery, supervision of installation & commissioning, training and after sales service
  • System: INTRON-D
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • 34 standalone intercom systems installed in wall mounted cabinets
    • 140 explosion-proof and weather-proof intercom stations
    • 210 explosion-proof loudspeakers and beacons
    • 19,000 m (11.81 mi) armoured & fire resistant telecommunication cables with pluggable connectors
    • 130 explosion-proof and weather-proof junction boxes with pluggable connectors
  • Schedule: Contract awarded in 2012, work completed in 2013
  • Parties involved in the project: Customer: ENAFOR Hassi Messaoud, supervision of installation & commissioning, training and after sales service by local partner MITRONIC SARL

Special features

The harsh and extreme climate conditions in the Algerian desert (sand, heat, cold) in combination with the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry represented a special challenge for INDUSTRONIC in terms of design & equipment to be used.

Locations of drilling rigs are constantly changing. To keep installation to a minimum, the entire wiring of the intercom systems is pluggable.

Contract & documentation language: French