Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company

End customer

Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Co. (BDPOC)


Vietnam, South China Sea

Project name

Bien Dong 1 Platform Projects

General project description

This project is a modern, giant complex operating in the oil fields, where geological conditions are very demanding with high temperature and great pressure at a sea depth of 140 m. It consists of two platforms and has a total volume of about 30,000 tons. With a value of over one billion USD the project was handled by PTSC as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor. It is said to be the biggest and most complicated project totally implemented by Vietnamese people, starting from the management, designing and procurement followed by the construction, installation up to the trial run.

Project scope

  • Task: Supply of duplicated PA/GA systems according to Worley Parsons’ system specification, Detailed sound coverage study based on supplied QSI raw files, FEED consultancy/ Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)/ Site Acceptance Test (SAT)/ System Interface Test (SIT)/ Supervision / Commissioning
  • System: INTRON-D
  • Scope of delivery/details:
    • Development of new 19” Engineer Service Panel for detailed failure and service functions
    • 4 master intercom stations, 3 remote intercom stations, 3 ATEX master intercom stations
    • 462 ATEX 25-W speakers, 178 ceiling speakers, 16 weather-proof speakers (8 W each)
    • 92 ATEX beacons (21 Joules each)
    • Each platform consists of an A+B system with central exchange cabinet and corresponding main distribution frame equipped with at least 6 amplifiers (500 W each), line monitoring, interface to F&G, telephone, etc.
  • Schedule: Receipt of order in January 2011, delivery in March 2012, pre-commissioning in August 2012, final commissioning with System Interface Test and Site Acceptance Test in March 2013. Final completion of the platform scheduled for mid 2013
  • Parties involved in the project: Vendor: INDUSTRONIC with engineering support from OSB (System Integrator). Consultant: Worley Parsons, Malaysia. EPC contractor: PTSC PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation. Owner: Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company.

Special features

  • Completely separate fully duplicated PA/GA systems
  • Central control and power amplifiers are installed in two separate locations on the platform
  • Tight time schedule required full commissioning, start-up, SIT and SAT offshore
  • Commissioning on site by INDUSTRONIC personnel
  • Complies with SOLAS telecommunication requirements