BASF SE - SPIDER Ludwigshafen

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Project name

SPIDER plant warning system and SPIDER emergency warning system for plant security forces

General project description

The new central emergency response management system for BASF locations in Europe with the code name SPIDER went into operation. Fire department, rescue and plant security forces as well as environmental monitoring staff use one joint system across all large European BASF locations. Though the requirements for the operations of the services may vary, the different kinds of emergency situations can be controlled from one central platform.

Project scope

  • Task: Engineering, delivery, commissioning
  • System: Plant warning and alarm systems
  • Scope of delivery/details Ludwigshafen:
    • Emergency warning system for plant security forces: 3 INTRON-D plus systems for the main fire department and the two corresponding fire stations
    • Plant warning system: 4 INTRON-D plus systems for the connection of approx. 300 sub systems
    • The seven systems are interconnected and linked to the BASF control room systems. For the overall SPIDER project, these control room systems are also interconnected with the locations Antwerpen, Münster, and Schwarzheide.
    • The upgrade including switchover was carried out in only two days.
  • Schedule Ludwigshafen: Orders in 2011 and 2012, delivery in July 2012, commissioning in December 2012, 2013-2015 connection of additional public address systems (sub systems) and ventilation control
  • Parties involved in the project: BASF SE planning department, BASF SE fire department, Eurofunk Kappacher (commissioning of emergency response management system – with connection to INDUSTRONIC's INTRON-D plus systems). Commissioning was carried out by INDUSTRONIC's service department and project team on site.

Special features

  • Integrated warning and alarm concept
  • Interconnection with other BASF locations
  • Remote access
  • Emergency operator stations
  • Comprehensive tests and simulations with a identical copy of the system were carried out in Wertheim