Radio units

Mobile communication devices such as hand-held radio units or crane radio stations are critical pieces of equipment for safe communications in many sectors of process communication.

Service personnel in particular can be located anywhere in the plant and must be in constant communication with the control rooms or crane operators.

The handheld and mobile radio units we use are from the professional mobile radio sector and comply with industrial requirements. They can be integrated appropriately into the overall communication concept depending on requirements.

Direct radio connections to different call stations or the use of radio units in open PTT operation can be implemented as required.

The easy-to-use crane radio call stations with toggle switches have an advantage over simple mobile radio units in that they reliably meet the specific requirements of targeted, secure communication in an industrial environment.

INDUSTRONIC radio units are intended for use in private PMR networks. A frequency with the corresponding license must be applied for from the relevant national authorities before use.

Different radio units are available for the various frequency ranges, VHF range 146..176 MHz and UHF range 403..470MHz, to suit your application.