PC Intercom Stations

Modern, IP-enabled PC intercom stations for connection to the INDUSTRONIC INTRON-D plus system. 

Main areas of application:

  • Control centers of all sizes
  • Fire stations

NCP 001

  • NCP 001 D
  • NCP 001 R

NCP 001
IP PC Intercom Stations

Features and benefits

    • Graphical user interface divided into clearly structured areas and layers
    • Design of user interface can be configured via the INDUSTRONIC configuration software Config Manager
    • Management of up to 2000 buttons
    • Intuitive user interface and clear indication of current events
    • Software can run exclusively or in window mode
    • Various screen sizes and resolutions
    • Speaker and microphone volume adjustable via user interface
    • Cleaning mode for touch panel PC
    • Network connection via Ethernet
    • Audio bandwidth of up to 16 kHz


      • Software for NCP 001
      • PC with Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system
      • TFT monitor, with optional touch screen
      • Desktop microphone with gooseneck
      • Loudspeaker


      • also available as rack version NCP 001 R