Transportation, Infrastructure & Others

Combined systems for various applications

At airports and on ships, in locks or multi-storey car parks, whether  indoors or outdoors  - communication is everywhere. The clear transfer of information, public address or warning and general alarm system functions are required depending on the application.

Transportation & logistics
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The systems from INDUSTRONIC meet these requirements in all areas of communication and safety.

They can be used as a talk back, public address, warning and general alarm system. Additionally telephone, paging and wireless systems, emergency call and information terminals as well as gate entry stations and access systems can be integrated.

Common applications

  • Airports and ports
    • Cargo areas (loading and unloading)
    • Tank areas
    • Interior areas
  • Transport and logistics
  • Ships
  • Locks
  • Automobile industry
  • Multi-story car parks
  • Food industry

Typical requirements

  • Safety and personal protection
  • Public address, warning and general alarm systems
  • Automatic level adjustment
  • Good clarity of speech even with significant ambient noise
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance
  • Explosion protection
  • Low radiation emissions
  • Vandalism protection
  • Connection to radio and telephone systems
  • Standards compliance (in the maritime sector)

Solutions for the Transportation and Infrustructure Sectors & Others

Public address & general alarm systems

Our public address and general alarm systems provide life-saving information in hazardous situations at the correct locations, to warn the relevant staff members, customers and visitors and to ensure a safe evacuation process.
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Public address systems

PA systems from INDUSTRONIC are used for full-coverage public address systems in complex industrial plants, large buildings or specific areas of the company.
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INDUSTRONIC intercom systems provide you with rapid, safe and process-oriented communication in all outdoor and indoor areas, as well as in potentially explosive environments.
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Integrated solutions

Thanks to a wide range of interfaces , it is a simple process to integrate radio, telephone and entertainment systems, and to link up alarm systems or fire alarm and gas warning systems.