Metals, Minerals & Mining

Reliable and rapid process communication

In open-cast mining, on furnaces, on cranes, at rolling mills or in the control center – clear, direct and safe voice transmission in and between the various plant areas is an important factor for the effective and efficient production operations.

Cement factory
Coal mining

In the metal industry and in open-cast mining, special conditions prevail. Noise, dirt and extreme temperatures require a high degree of reliability and quality of the end terminals used. Additional loudspeakers and beacons for the robust call stations supplement the system in loud environments. Cranes and other mobile transport systems are integrated into the process communication using voice radio.

Common applications

  • Steel industry
    • Smelters and furnaces
    • Cranes, transport trains and torpedo cars
    • Cold and hot rolling mills
    • Process control rooms
  • Bauxite mines
  • Aluminum mills
  • Cement works
  • Opencast mining (excavators and conveyor systems)

Typical requirements

  • Process-oriented communication (disciplined two-way intercom)
    • Interruption-free
    • No time delay
  • Integration of mobile subscribers (e.g. crane radio)
  • Dynamic volume control (with fluctuating noise levels)
  • Resistance to dust and dirt
  • Can be operated using gloves
  • Temperature-proof
  • Weather-proof
  • Rapid change of voice connections

Solutions for the metals, minerals & mining sector


INDUSTRONIC intercom systems provide you with rapid, safe and process-oriented communication in all outdoor and indoor areas, as well as in potentially-explosive environments. 
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Public address systems

Systems from INDUSTRONIC are used for full-coverage public address systems in complex industrial plants, large buildings or individual company areas.
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Integrated solutions

Thanks to a wide range of interfaces , it is a simple process to integrate radio, telephone and entertainment systems, and to link up alarm systems or fire alarm and gas warning systems.