Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Highest priority in safety and reliable communication

Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical systems require maximum safety levels due to the special circumstances involved. Reliable voice communication as well as clear full-coverage announcements and warnings in potentially explosive environments are the critical factors here for man, machinery and the environment. Absolute reliability of communication and warning systems has top priority.

Pharmaceutical plant
Plant warning system

Many years of experience in developing innovative explosion-proof equipment with the appropriate certifications guarantees maximum availability and reliability of INDUSTRONIC public address, warning and general alarm systems.

Our systems have also proven themselves worldwide over many years as company warning systems or electro-acoustic emergency warning systems conforming to international standards.

Common applications

  • Production plants on chemical and pharmaceutical sites
  • Areas with potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Control centers and fire stations
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Workshops, storage areas
  • Clean rooms in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Outdoor areas
  • Gate areas, truck and receipt terminals

Typical requirements

  • Safety and personal protection
  • Evacuation and panic avoidance
  • Intelligent gas warning (e.g. wind-dependent with toxic gases)
  • Explosion-protected equipment
  • Dust and dirt resistance
  • Special standards compliance
    (e.g. VDE 0828/EN 60849)
  • Networking and connection to process control systems
  • Central control

Solutions for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sector

Public address & general alarm systems

Our public address and general alarm systems provide life-saving information in hazardous situations at the correct locations, to warn the relevant staff members, customers and visitors and to ensure a safe evacuation process.
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Public address systems

PA systems from INDUSTRONIC are used for full-coverage public address in complex industrial systems, large buildings or individual areas of the company.
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INDUSTRONIC intercom systems provide you with rapid, safe and process-oriented communication in all outdoor and indoor areas, as well as in potentially-explosive environments.
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Integrated solutions

Thanks to a wide range of interfaces , it is a simple process to integrate radio, telephone and entertainment systems, and link up alarm systems or fire alarm and gas warning systems.