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INDUSTRONIC Newsletter August 2012

Product News

INTRON-D plus Network Management

The latest INTRON-D plus system from INDUSTRONIC offers a wide range of communication and warning functions using modern network structures. Security and availability are our top priorities, also when using independent transmission paths. To ensure this, the INTRON-D plus system provides highly flexible methods.

Additionally, the SNMP protocol has been implemented to be able to integrate the system into a heterogeneous network structure. Parallel to managing the network via web interface, you can use the SNMP interface to implement a convenient solution for all common network management systems, e.g. HP OpenView® or WhatsUpGold®.

Detailed status and system information is available at one central point almost in real time and allows for fastest response times to protect people and machines.

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INTRON-D plus – Customizable - Reliable - Intelligent

Product News

Access Panel – IP Intercom Station for the INTRON-D plus

The Access Panel is the IP-enabled industrial desktop intercom station for the INTRON-D plus system. The requirements of our customers had an important influence on the design and the functionality of the intercom station developed by INDUSTRONIC. A modern touch display with numerous display and operating functions on several layers, as well as additional mechanical keys allow for convenient and safe operation.

INTRON-D plus Access Panel

Display and keys can be individually configured with the entire functional scope of the INTRON-D plus.

The Access Panel is expandable by up to four additional keypads and a handset, e.g. ideal when being used in control stations.

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INDUSTRONIC – Quality meets Design

Product News

Config Manager – INTRON-D plus Configuration at a Glance

The functional scope of our INTRON-D plus communication and alarm system is constantly growing. We developed the configuration software Config Manager, so that you are able to manage, adjust and change all functions and parameters in a convenient manner.

Configure basic voice connections or complex warning sequences. The overall functionality of the INTRON-D plus can be

Config Manager

configured using the intuitive user interface. Using the integrated network interfaces, e.g. Modbus TCP or SIP, you can configure the interaction with systems so that they can be seamlessly integrated into the functional sequence. Organize members into groups and conferences simply by drag and drop. Easily compose warning sequences by using the graphical warning sequence control.

The integrated validity check supports you directly when entering data to ensure a valid configuration. INDUSTRONIC is continuously working on the further development of the INTRON-D plus and the Config Manager.

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Config Manager – Quick & Easy Configuration


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