Family Day at INDUSTRONIC a resounding success

Friday, 23. September 2011

Wolfgang Stallmeyer, CEO of INDUSTRONIC Industrie-Electronic GmbH & Co. KG in Wertheim Bestenheid welcomed 700 plus guests to an open house for families and friends on Saturday the 17th of September 2011. "We have grown rapidly in recent years, adding many new employees, renovating and building new facilities" said Wolfgang Stallmeyer. "The completion of the new construction and remodelling of our existing facilities is cause to welcome and show our families and friends a look behind the scenes of INDUSTRONIC."

The staff of nearly 150 was able to show their family members and friends, "their" company and gave an insight into their everyday job. With an extensive program the guests were shown what industrial communication systems look like, how they are developed, produced and used. "INDUSTRONIC Systems are found in over 95 countries around the world," said sales manager Edgar Hauptmann during a tour of the production and operational facilities.

The feedback from visitors was overwhelmingly positive. "The fact that a company in today's economic time felt it important to organize such an event for its employees, I think is great," explained an enthusiastic visitor. "I'm surprised at how involved all employees are, how clean everything is here and that in fact all doors are open."

The amazing event concluded in the close by Beer Garden with closing statements from managing director and partner Wolfgang Stallmeyer: "The preparations have paid off. The large number of guests shows how much the employees are connected to the company. Each of them has contributed in its own way to this overall successful and eventful day. And so this day is also a thank you to the dedication and daily commitment of our employees. "

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