INDUSTRONIC – Over 50 Years of Excellence!

Our Corporate Anniversary

On December 11, 2014 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We are proud to be a leader in industrial communication for over 50 years now!

How did it all start? In 1964, three visionary engineers and one businessman, supported by a local investor from Wertheim, decided to start their own enterprise geared towards the industrial sector. Their first customer was the largest steel manufacturer in Germany. On December 11, 1964 INDUSTRONIC was officially registered as a company. (As a side-note, the name INDUSTRONIC is a composition of the two words Industrie and Electronic). Development work started immediately and from then on things proceeded rapidly. 

In 1966 production of INDUSTRONIC systems started in Berlin, resulting in a steady increase in revenue and number of employees.

In 1971 the Stallmeyer family took over the company and it has been family owned ever since. In 1979 INDUSTRONIC moved into its newly built factory and office buildings in Wertheim. Market share continued to grow and expansion into further industrial sectors was attained. In 1992 resp. 1995 customer service centers were opened in Ludwigshafen and Dormagen in order to better support the German key accounts.

At the beginning of the 21st century, subsidiaries were founded in China and the USA due to the continuing worldwide success. Prior to that an international network of partners and representatives was established. In 2009 a large new office building was built on the existing premises in order to accommodate the growing number of employees. Moreover, in 2013 INDUSTRONIC further strengthened its business presence in the Asia-Pacific region by opening its own representative office in Singapore.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary INDUSTRONIC can look back on its growth, celebrate its achievements in becoming a global market leader and anticipate a bright future.