As an international high-tech company based in Wertheim, Germany, INDUSTRONIC is a world class provider of industrial communication systems. INDUSTRONIC offers worldwide customer support with a network of around 50 certified partners and representatives as well as subsidiaries in China, USA, Dubai and Singapore.

INDUSTRONIC's customized all-in-one solutions meet the most demanding challenges and the most diverse international requirements.

Our highly qualified staff is committed to developing and implementing the optimum solution for your communication needs.

Whether on drilling platforms, in chemical, steel or power plants INDUSTRONIC is continually setting new standards in the industry thanks to its many years of experience combined with exceptional innovative capabilities.

You can find a complete list of our offices, subsidiaries and customer services centers here.



INDUSTRONIC Industrie-Electronic GmbH & Co. KG is wholly owned by the Stallmeyer family.

Majority Shareholder and managing director is Wolfgang Stallmeyer.

Dear Reader,

We look into the future with great optimism and want to continue growing in 2022 - despite the ongoing difficult conditions worldwide.

A recent OPEC study predicts a world population increase of 1.7 billion to 9.5 billion people by 2045. The global economic output will double during this period and the demand for primary resources is expected to grow by 28%. Despite the decline in coal use and the increase in alternative energies, the oil and gas consumption will grow. In replacing coal by renewable energies, greenhouse gas emissions are expected to remain stable. This will be less than many hope for, but a politically realistic scenario.

Among other industries, we provide the oil, gas and chemical sector with our industrial communication systems. These systems are essential for work safety in harsh and explosive environments.

Durability, regular software updates and our After Sales support provide a sustainable and long-term investment protection. With our new product generation INTRON-X and the DUSTRON app for smartphones and tablets, we are the perfect partner on the road to the Industrial Internet of Things 4.0.

Please contact us. We are happy to assist you.


Regards, Wolfgang Stallmeyer


Wertheim, January 01, 2022