UPGRADES! Opportunity – Progress – Safety

For several years now, it has become clear that digital communication, e.g. via ISDN, is increasingly being overtaken by new technologies such as IP. The circuit-based communication protocols (cable between the terminal device and the central exchange unit) are thus replaced by packet-based protocols. The advantage of this new type of communication lies in the variety of available services. With the help of IP infrastructures, various services such as communication, CCTV, access control or similar can be flexibly implemented for the user. A particular bonus here is facilitated monitoring, as well as the possibility to carry out maintenance.

As a result of this development, owners of (industrial) communication systems are faced with various questions:

Is my communication system still up-to-date?

How long will it still be reliable?

Is the safety of my employees still guaranteed with an old system?

How can I integrate new technologies into my processes?

And how can I ensure that my financial investments deliver lasting benefits?

There is an answer to all these questions: the system upgrade!

With the help of an upgrade to INTRON-D plus, existing INDUSTRONIC systems can be enhanced by new technologies. This makes it possible to extend the life cycle of a communication system for years, since the discontinuation of components is no longer a risk.
The modernization also ensures the reliability of the system. The safety of the employees is guaranteed, which becomes more and more important with regard to the HSE management of factories.

INDUSTRONIC would like to shed some light on the activities which hide behind a plant upgrade and assure our customers: no one has to worry, an upgrade is not a complicated procedure.

First, each upgrade begins with the so-called “upgrade analysis” in the Technical Support Center. Here, our colleagues determine the need and scope of an upgrade (required hardware / software, necessary services, as well as the duration of an upgrade).

In the case of newer systems it may only be necessary to install the new software; in the case of older systems the installation of new modules, such as the “upgrade controller”, must be considered.

Once the analysis has been carried out, a comprehensive documentation is handed over to one of INDUSTRONIC’s commissioning engineers. This way, the service employee can gain an overview of what needs to be implemented during the upcoming upgrade.

Good preparation is important for an upgrade!
For this reason, INDUSTRONIC simulates upgrade scenarios in advance, in order to identify and eliminate possible risks.
In addition to that, we work very closely with our customers to obtain location plans, releases or the required access authorization for the plant at an early stage. A smooth, trouble-free upgrade process for our customers is our top priority, which is why we give great importance to thorough planning.

After the preparations, an appointment for the upcoming upgrade will be agreed on with the customer.

Once the upgrade date has come, the implementation is usually done in three stages:

1) The terminal devices, such as intercom stations, are modernized during plant operation (this can also be carried out without INDUSTRONIC, by a qualified electrician)

2) The upgrade of the central exchange units follows, with the exchange of various line cards.

3) In the last step, the exchange control boards are replaced

Of course, we are aware that every owner wants to know the duration of such an upgrade process and how long systems have to be switched off. This, however, depends on the size and scope of a system and can therefore not be answered on a general basis.
Here a practical example: A plant in Germany was upgraded by four commissioning engineers on site in one day. Seven central exchange cabinets were modernized this way.

A particularity of upgrades abroad is that the terminals (step 1) are mostly exchanged or upgraded in advance. For this purpose, we have compiled our upgrade kit (1 DUK 01), which is equipped with programmers and adapters for software updates of intercom stations and components of INTRON-D or INTRON-D plus intercom systems. The commissioning by qualified and trained service staff takes place at a later date, independently of the update of the terminal devices.

As a responsible manufacturer of industrial communication systems, we see ourselves obliged to point out the advantages of an upgrade to our customers. The modularity and flexibility of the system allow customized solutions, meeting all requirements of a modern, industrial communication and emergency warning system. In addition, interconnection of up to 250 distributed INTRON-D plus systems is possible.

You are considering an upgrade and have more questions?

Our sales team is happy to take care of your concerns! sales@industronic.de

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