Sound Knowledge in Project Management – the Basis for Successful Projects

Author: Carina Knörzer

Since INDUSTRONIC is a project-based company high skills in project management have been crucial for our success over the last years.

Now, our CEO decided to further develop these skills and broaden the know how throughout the whole company. With a large-scale training measure all the employees got the chance to take part in a one day workshop to learn more about project management.

Project Management at INDUSTRONIC
Some of the INDUSTRONIC employees who took part in the project management training

So far, almost two thirds of the staff took the opportunity and learned more about the following topics:

– Project phases and roles
– Target definition
– Project overview and structure plan
– Team development and communication
– Social competency

In general, the feedback was very positive. The participants gained a good overview of the topic and some will even deepen their knowledge with advanced courses. In addition to that many pointed out that it was interesting to work together with colleagues from different departments of the company.

So, the training measure was also helpful to improve the cross-team collaboration and our good working atmosphere.

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